Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh? Comparison Between Countries!

👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ If you’re a desirable medical student and looking for the perfect destination to pursue MBBS, then look no further! 🌟 Bangladesh has become one of the most sought-after destinations for medical aspirants globally, and there are reasons behind it. 🤔 In this blog, we’re making a comparison between countries; we’ll compare the various aspects of studying MBBS in Bangladesh with other countries and why it’s the best option over other destinations. 🌍💉

Bangladesh VS India: Who Wins the Battle of MBBS?🩺

India has been a popular destination for medical education for decades, but with increasing competition, high tuition fees, and limited seats, studying MBBS in India has become a challenging task for many students. Here’s how studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a better option than studying in India.

  • Low Cost of Education
    Let’s start with the cost, shall we? The tuition fees of Bangladesh medical colleges are much lower than Indian colleges, making it a budget-friendly option for students. Plus, the cost of living in Bangladesh is also very affordable, making it a preferred destination for medical aspirants worldwide.
  • No Donation and Hidden Charges
    Unlike India, where students have to pay hefty donations to secure a seat in medical colleges, Bangladesh does not have any such requirements. Students only need to pay the tuition fees, which are relatively lower than in other countries. So, no hidden charges and no stress about donations!
  • Quality Medical Education
    Bangladesh has some of the best medical colleges in the world that offer high standards of education to students. The curriculum of these colleges is designed to match international standards, and students get hands-on experience in clinical practice. Plus, the medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by international medical councils, making it easier for students to get jobs or pursue higher studies globally.
  • Shorter Duration of Course
    Want to save time and money? The MBBS course in Bangladesh takes only five years to complete, unlike India, where the course takes six years. Plus, the curriculum of Bangladesh medical colleges is designed to provide practical knowledge, which makes it easier for students to clear the medical licensing exams.
  • Easy Admission Process
    Gone are the times when candidates had to pass the entrance exams to secure a seat in medical colleges. The admission process of Bangladesh medical colleges is hassle-free and straightforward. Students do not have to appear for any entrance exams, and admission is based on their academic scores. This makes it easier for students to secure a seat in a medical college in Bangladesh.

Contest of the Medics: Bangladesh vs Russia 🥼

Russia is known for its exceptional medical universities, attracting thousands of international students every year. However, when it comes to studying MBBS, here’s why Bangladesh is a better option:

  • Affordable Tuition Fees
    Who wants to pay a fortune for medical education when you can study in Bangladesh for much less? Compared to Russia, where the tuition fees are skyrocketing, Bangladesh offers a cost-effective option for MBBS students without compromising on the level of education.
  • English-Medium Curriculum
    Are you afraid of learning a new language just to pursue medical education abroad? In Bangladesh, language won’t be a barrier as most medical colleges offer an English-medium curriculum, making it easier for international students to understand the concepts.
  • International Recognition
    What’s the point of studying MBBS abroad if your degree is not recognized globally? In Bangladesh, you don’t have to worry about that, as the medical colleges are recognized by international medical councils. In contrast, Russia’s medical degree may not be acknowledged in many countries.
  • No Language Barrier
    Russia’s official language is Russian, which can be a challenge for international students who do not know the language. On top of that, students have to learn Russian as a mandatory subject during the course, which adds to their workload. In Bangladesh, you can easily understand and learn the subject without any language barrier, thanks to the English-medium curriculum.
  • Safe and Welcoming Environment
    When you’re studying in a foreign country, safety is a top concern. Bangladesh is known for its friendly and welcoming culture, providing a safe and secure environment for international students. Medical colleges in Bangladesh have round-the-clock security and surveillance, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Egypt or Bangladesh? Let’s Compare Countries 🏥

When it comes to comparing countries to study MBBS, Egypt is often considered one of the top contenders. However, there are a few key reasons why Bangladesh stands out:

  • Budget-friendly Education
    Egypt might have a lot of history, but studying medicine there can be an expensive affair. On the other hand, Bangladesh offers a more budget-friendly option, allowing students to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor without worrying about finances.
  • Quality of Education Matters
    While Egypt is home to some of the world’s most reputable universities, Bangladesh is not far behind. With well-equipped institutions and experienced professors, Bangladesh has been stepping up its game in the field of medicine.
  • Opportunities for International Students
    International students in Egypt may find it challenging to secure scholarships and grants to help fund their education. However, Bangladesh offers more opportunities for foreign students to pursue their medical education without any financial burden.
  • Modern Facilities for Better Learning
    Bangladesh is investing heavily in modern facilities, which can make a significant difference in medical education. With state-of-the-art medical equipment, Bangladesh is ensuring that its students have access to the best resources for learning and research.
  • Comfortable Living in Bangladesh
    Living in a new nation can be overwhelming, but Bangladesh offers a welcoming atmosphere for international students. With affordable accommodations and delicious food, students can focus on their studies and enjoy a comfortable living experience.

Which one is the Best: Bangladesh or Kazakhstan for MBBS 🧑‍⚕️

Kazakhstan is another country that is often compared to Bangladesh when it comes to studying MBBS. However, Bangladesh has some clear advantages:

  • Budget-Friendly Fees
    While Kazakhstan may offer good quality education, it comes at a high cost. On the other hand, Bangladesh offers affordable fees that cater to students from all financial backgrounds.
  • Top-notch Medical Colleges
    Bangladesh boasts some of the best medical colleges in the world, including Bangladesh Medical College, Rajshahi Medical College, and Sir Salimullah Medical College. With highly trained faculty and top-class teaching facilities, students are assured of a world-class education.
  • Modern Medical Infrastructure
    Bangladesh has invested heavily in modernizing its medical infrastructure, ensuring that students have access to state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities. This creates a conducive learning environment for students and enhances their practical skills.
  • Experience a Unique Culture
    Bangladesh offers a rich cultural experience for international students, with vibrant festivals, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals. Studying in Bangladesh is not only about getting a degree but also about exploring and immersing oneself in a new and exciting culture.
  • English Medium Instruction
    Unlike Kazakhstan, where many universities teach in Russian, Bangladesh offers English medium instruction for MBBS programs. This makes it easier for international students to communicate and understand their coursework, eliminating any language barriers.

Bangladesh v/s China: Comparison Between Countries for MBBS Studies 💊

China is a popular destination for MBBS students, but Bangladesh has several advantages:

  • Affordable Fees
    While China does offer some lower-cost programs, these are often highly competitive, and students may not be guaranteed admission. In contrast, Bangladesh offers affordable fees across all its medical colleges, ensuring that students can access high-quality education without breaking the bank.
  • Quality of Education
    Bangladesh offers an excellent education system for MBBS students, with highly trained and experienced professors and state-of-the-art teaching facilities. Many medical colleges in Bangladesh have been accredited by international bodies, adding to their reputation.
  • English Medium Instruction
    Most universities in China offer instruction in Mandarin, which can be a significant barrier for international students. In contrast, all medical colleges in Bangladesh offer instruction in English, making it easier for international students, especially those from non-Chinese speaking countries, to follow the curriculum.
  • Cultural Similarities
    Bangladesh shares many cultural similarities with India, including a shared history and religion. As a result, students from India, and particularly from the region of Jammu & Kashmir, may find it easier to adjust to life in Bangladesh and feel more at home there than they would in China.
  • Visa Process
    The visa process for studying MBBS in Bangladesh is relatively straightforward, with minimal documentation required. In contrast, the visa process for China can be more complicated, requiring additional documents, including health checks and proof of financial ability.

Let’s Wrap Up!

In conclusion, while China is a popular destination for MBBS students, Bangladesh has several distinct advantages, including affordable fees, high-quality education, English medium instruction, cultural similarities, and a straightforward visa process. Students from Jammu & Kashmir, in particular, should consider Bangladesh as a viable option for pursuing their MBBS degree abroad. With its excellent education system and supportive student community, Bangladesh provides an ideal environment for students to thrive and achieve their goals. So, if you are looking to study MBBS abroad, make sure to consider Bangladesh as a top choice.

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Q1. How does the curriculum of MBBS in Bangladesh compare to other countries?

Ans 1. The curriculum of MBBS in Bangladesh is comprehensive, including theoretical and practical classes, clinical rotations, and hands-on experience in healthcare centers.

Q2. How is the overall experience of studying MBBS in Bangladesh?

Ans 2. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh offers an overall positive experience, with friendly locals, a multicultural environment, and a chance to explore a new culture while pursuing your dream career.

Q3. How does the faculty and infrastructure of medical universities in Bangladesh compare to those in Khazakstan?

Ans 3. The faculty of medical universities in Bangladesh is highly experienced and qualified, and the infrastructure is modern and well-equipped. In comparison, the faculty and infrastructure in Khazakstan vary between universities.

Q4. What are the job prospects for international students after studying MBBS in Bangladesh compared to China?

Ans 4. International students who complete their MBBS degree in Bangladesh can work as medical professionals in various countries, including India, after completing the necessary licensing exams. However, job prospects in China may vary depending on the individual’s language skills and local regulations.

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