Benefits of OJT (On-the-Job Training) and Internships

On-the-job training is a practical approach for obtaining new competencies by allowing the employee to learn in real-time. During the tenure of OJT in globally facilitated companies, candidates learn about a job by actually doing it. This is more effective than scanning presentations or worksheets. The internships followed by OJT offer a first-hand look at the work procedure in which they expect to work in. They learn the expectations, equipment operations and any other skills to carry on the job completely.

OJT and internships: Fewer Goals, Lower Risks and additional stipend

In countries like Singapore, it is not easy to start a career, given the cut-throat competition between industries. However, OJT saves you from that.

Without the pressure of deadlines and goals, trainees always have the opportunity to learn and finish the work in a semi-competitive environment. OJT and internships may be among the very few methods that allow trainees to learn from their mistakes without endangering their career prospects in the professional sector. This is far better as compared to a professional job, where there is almost no room for error or incompetence. Additionally, the stipend that the trainees receive is the cherry on top.

You become more competent in the real-world

When trainees complete OJT and internships successfully and meet the requirements to become full-time employees of the organisation, they are ready to “hit the ground running.” Candidates that have completed OJT or internships are more assured, better prepared, and all over more competent at completing their KRAs. These characteristics make the OJT very desirable and relevant for gaining industrial expertise.

Practical Experience

Since OJT and internships emphasise experiential learning, trainees have the chance to closely monitor each move made by their senior mentors and give the project their full attention. This allows them to learn both the theory and its practical implementation. This further gives them the confidence to take on any assignment when they are eventually hired on a full-time basis.

OJT and Internships: Developing Employability Skills

A candidate’s credentials gain significant value from on-the-job training, which also improves their chances of hiring and potential. Candidates for OJT positions also instill soft skills, such as decision-making and problem-solving, which are important employability abilities.

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