The United States of America is called the Land of Opportunities; it is the most trusted country in the world by immigrants. Students who are willing to get international exposure along with benefits for their family members then it is the right choice for them. The country carries diversity in its population in which all the citizens and immigrants are benefited equally.

Government subsidies for immigrants

Immigrants are considered an integral part of the country; hence American government has launched numerous subsidies for them. The count of these subsidiaries is limitless, but the most efficient and valuable are housing subsidies, living expenses subsidies, and employment subsidies. So, anyone with the stress of managing their life in the USA should now be worry-free.

Hub of high levels of opportunities

The advertisements running on the televisions and other mass media come mainly from the brands of America; this clearly shows how there is a great height in the number of opportunities being produced in there. All these opportunities bring international exposure to the candidates.

Grand green card concessions

Green Card in the USA refers to the Permanent Residency (PR) for immigrants. Applying for a green card in America is a precise and easy-going procedure. The benefits one can avail after getting a Green Card are excellent. For example, a Permanent Resident of America can invite their spouses without visa processing.


All the individuals ready to live a student life filled with opportunities and exposure must turn to the United States of America. The country has thousands of universities and institutes that offer various courses with professional guidance. All these universities are considered as highly honoured and recommendable.


Studying abroad might be expensive sometimes, which is understood by the American government; hence, they have launched several scholarships for students willing to learn in the USA. A few of them are Fullbright-Nehru Scholarship, Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship, #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship, and AAUW International Fellowships. Apart from the government, some colleges and universities also provide financial aid and scholarships to students to succeed with their skills, not money.

World-class education system

The education system of the United States is the most flexible, student-oriented, and supportive. It provides the world-class infrastructure in universities and institutions with excellent infrastructure. Students also join several co-scholastic activities, which help to groom the student's personalities and English communication skills.

Ready to study abroad

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Living a life of satisfaction in terms of money is not only important. It should involve fun and peace as well. The United States of America brings both of these benefits together. Getting in touch with the environment and welcoming peace is what the culture of America is. The best part about the lifestyle of America is that it admires all the world's cultures.


The weather in the United States of America is loving and pleasant throughout the year. Most of the immigrants get attracted to it because of the weather it possesses.

Supreme outdoor facilities

Each individual has to run errands and do a lot of household stuff or market visits to ensure they have sufficient goods. But this has become easier and more fun in the United States because of its outdoor facilities. The transportation and market are available 24/7, ensuring that all your needs are catered to at anytime.

Engine of innovations

The United States of America is transforming and bringing new changes every day, ensuring that the country is getting digitalized and modernized with the sustainability of the environment. Living in America is getting surprises every day with different technology and services that make our life easier.

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  • The candidate should be of age 18 or above
  • Valid and Legal passport
  • Identity proof documents
  • Educational Qualification Certificates
  • Recently clicked passport-sized photographs
  • Confirmation page by DS-160
  • Application form of FORM I-20
  • Documents as asked by the applied university


  • Submit the application to the desired USA University: Candidates should apply at the desired university at least 6 months before to avoid a rush towards the end.
  • Receive Form I-20 or DS-2019: After candidates receive the confirmation from the university, they will be issued any of the two forms, Form I-20 and DS-2019.
  • Form I-20 is a certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant student status; it is meant for F-1 and M-1 students. DS-2019 is a certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor (J-1) status for J-1 students.
  • Pay the SEVIS I-901 application fee: After receiving any of the Form I-20 or DS-2019 forms, candidates should pay the online fee for SEVIS I-901
  • Go and apply for the visa at the nearest US Embassy: Candidates should consult with the nearest US Embassy in their area and continue with the process of issuing the visa as asked by the embassy.
  • Fill out the online DS-2019 form: The candidate should fill in the online DS-2019 form, which is an Online non-immigrant form. Candidates should also select the date of their visa interview process.
  • Pay the visa application fee and prepare for the visa interview: After completing all these processes, the candidate should pay the fee for their visa application and give the visa interview at the embassy they were consulting with.
  • Visa is in your hands: The final step is to pay the issuance fee of your visa and settle in for your dream country, The United States of America.

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