Course Duration IELTS Score Fee
BA (Hons) International Business 48 Months 6.5 £16,400
MSc Business Management 12 Months 6.5 £23,650
BBA (Hons) Business Administration 36 Months 6.5 £18,750
Global MBA (Master of Business Administration) with Placement 24 Months 6.5 £18,820
Global MBA (Master of Business Administration) 24 Months 6.5 £18,820
MBA (Master of Business Administration) Full-time Glasgow 12 Months 6.5 £32,200

The United Kingdom is a land known for its history, culture, royalty, education, sports, industry, and much more to count. The country stands at the position of 13 out of 189 countries and territories from all over the world in terms of the Human Development Index. So, if you are willing to go for a developing future ahead, then the UK is the place for you!

Rapidly transforming industries

The United Kingdom was the first to move towards industrialization and introduced it worldwide. The country revolves around all the sectors of employment and opportunities like fashion, tourism, technology, and a lot more. All the sectors are producing immense and imminent opportunities for all to grab.

Plenty of adventures and places to go for

The UK is a country that will never give you boredom; it is a fascinating land that has a wide range of activities to perform and enjoy your life there. It is evident from its position as the 10th best destination in the world to visit. Exploring several places, visiting monuments, and much more will become your hobby there as you can do that in abundance.

Financial support for immigrants

The government of the United Kingdom believes in supporting immigrants financially. For example, if an immigrant is struggling to deal with housing facilities, the UK government also assists them with financial aid and housing benefits.


The United Kingdom is visited by more than six hundred thousand students every year, and the numbers are increasing at a fast rate. The presence of reputed universities is known for shaping the future of thousands of students with expert guidance. The students are exposed to a perfect work-student balanced life in which they can even work during their full-time education. Foster your studies with leveraged learning.

Elevated learning experience

Internationally recognized prestigious universities that can introduce you to supreme and quality education, enabling you to improve your English communication skills and personality development too. These universities have diversity in their culture by making a home for millions of students from around the world.

Courses with flexible time-span

If any student wishes to start their work journey quickly, then uk is the best for them. The institutes here offer courses that are flexible or short span of time, building your skills with the same quality and process. It is a time-saving opportunity for all.

Ready to study abroad

Now that you are all set to move on to a new country. You would need our assistance in
finishing all the procedures quickly and with ease.


To lead a healthy and peaceful life, everyone must prioritize the high standard of lifestyle on their list. The United Kingdom is responsible for setting a high benchmark through its fascinating, incredible, and affordable facilities for all its citizens.

High-class transportation

The United Kingdom has rapidly boosted transportation services with underground metros, paved roads, and modernized bus and taxi services. The bonus point is that all these transportation lines are highly affordable.

Incredible sport fanbase

The most incredible part of United Kingdom is its literature and craze for sports. This is not only for the national sport cricket but also for a wide range of sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. Even there are inter-university sports like boat race competition between two significant universities, Cambridge and Oxford, once a year which is watched by lakhs of people.

Cost-effective living

All the amazing stuff that any individual can enjoy in the United Kingdom is not just by a few instead by all. All the activities and facilities of the country are highly affordable, giving again plus point to live comfortably there.

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  • Candidates should be of the age of 16 or above
  • University acceptance for candidates is required
  • Should have sufficient monetary or financial funds
  • Basic knowledge of reading, writing, speaking, and comprehending the English language is necessary
  • Valid and Legal Passport
  • CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) was issued by the university or institute at which the candidate had applied
  • Legal proof and consent from the parent and guardian of the candidate if they are under 18 years of age.
  • Nationality and Identity proof Certificates
  • Educational Qualification Certificates
  • Recently clicked passport-sized photographs
  • Medical examination certificate from an authorized doctor or hospital


  • Candidates must start applying for the visa at least 6 months before starting the course.
  • The First step is to prove your identity with the asked legal documents.
  • For this procedure, one can use the UK Immigration ID app to scan your identity proof documents.
  • Create an account in UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to get a more straightforward process.
  • After the application is accepted and verified, the visa application centre keeps the candidate's passport and sends them back with the Vignette.
  • If the candidate stays in the UK for more than 6 months, you must get a Biometric Residence Permit.

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