Opening Doors in Baramulla: Speeches By Inspiring Leaders

On February 1, 2023, the opening of a new branch of a leading visa and career service provider in Baramulla, J&K, took place with great excitement. From 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, the event was attended by many dignitaries and business leaders. The chief guest of the event was the honorable Mr. Touseef Ahmad Raina, former President of the Municipal Council.

Words By Our Chief Guest & Managing Director

President Touseef Ahmad Raina of the Municipal Council Baramulla officially opened the branch office, with esteemed writer and academician G. M. Mahir and Secretary of the Beopar Mandal Baramulla, Er. Tariq Magloo by his side, as well as prominent journalist Anzer Mohju.

On occasion, Surjit Singh Sodhi, Co-founder and Director of SA Visa Central, stated, “As a proud member of the Baramulla community and a graduate of St. Joseph School, it is my honor to give back to the society that has shaped me. Through SA Visa Central, I aim to provide young individuals with the resources and opportunities they need to pursue their dreams overseas.”

“We are more than just a visa service provider at SA Visa Central,” Sodhi continued. “Our team of experts are dedicated to helping candidates navigate their careers, offering expert advice and support to boost their confidence and provide clarity on the various courses and job prospects available globally.”

The opening of the new branch is a significant step in the development of aspirants and is expected to have a positive impact on their careers.

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