Local Gaurdian Service

Our Educational Guardian Services are booked for a minimum period of one term. We provide Educational Guardian Services for International Students from any Country who are studying fulltime in Abroad.

If you wish to book SA Visa Central’s Educational Guardian Services to be your childs Guardian whilst studying in Abroad, you should apply as early as possible, prior to your child beginning his/her studies. Parents must complete the ‘SA Visa Central Educational Guardian Service Application Form’ and ‘Parental Guidelines for Host Family Form’, and send these direct to SA Visa Central International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy , or our local representative in your country. Unlike many Guardian Companies and Agencies we do not charge an application or registration fee.

SA Visa Central issues an invoice for the services requested by the parents on the application form, together with a contract for Educational Guardian Services.

Having a local guardian for your child will give you piece of mind that you child is being cared for and is also a requirement by most schools and Universities. Assistance to communicate on behalf of students with student’s education provider relating with any concerning issues.

What is included

  • Arrival meeting and report
  • Arrangement of transport and accommodation
  • Emergency contact 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Assistance with opening bank account.
  • Arrange for doctor/hospital visits when and if required.
  • Regular communication with student by phone/email.
  • Provide regular updates to parents regarding academic performance of their child, attendance, exam results and class teacher / faculty review about the child.