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Why Study In France

France is one of the top three study destination for the international students. Studying in France is a unique experience. France has centuries' old universities that offer excellent education in art, innovation, science and technology, and more.

France's higher education and research institutions rank among the world's best, such as the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS Paris) Ecole Polytechnique, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Universite Paris-Sorbonne, HEC, INSEAD and many others.

This explains why France ranks as one of the world's most preferred destinations for international students. In 2015, the QS team voted Paris the "best international student city" for the third year in a row.

It has the best research and development. It invests quite a lot of money on research and development making it stand on number 6th on the planet as far as domestic spending is a concern. Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) of this nation is the world's leading research organization.

Talking about the world's economic status then France holds the 5th position. With 65 million purchasers (IMF 2014, Euro stat 2014) it stands 2nd i.e. Europe's second-biggest market. France is additionally the world's fourth-biggest exporter of services(OMC, 2013) and Europe's driving goal for manufacturing investments(EY, 2014) and that's not the end it ranks 2nd in Europe if we talk about a gross domestic product.

Do you know why colleges reliably performing well in worldwide college ranking? Because they invest vigorously in the research and development section as they are very enthusiastic about advanced education. 41 universities in France are included in The QS World University Rankings.

You will get to know about different cultures by meeting new people. It is wonderful to experience for students. They will learn something new each day by learning and experiencing new things from different people. They will come out of their comfort zones. Sports facilities are available to students. There are many Student associations for the development of students that one can join and make new contacts. Free internet connection is given to every student so that they will remain connected to the world.

Top 10 Reasons To Study Abroad In France

France is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. France is the heart of the Europe. France is a renowned hub of various cultures.

France has 11 triple-accredited Business schools. Recently, the esteemed Financial Times European Business School ranking revealed 22 top business schools that are based in France. In the QS World University Rankings of 2015-2016, 41 French universities featured in the list, out of which 11 universities ranked in the top 250.

From bachelors to masters, you can find a wide variety of programs in different disciplines. Universities in France are known for its law programs as they are recognized globally. You will also find some top universities in France that offer programs in marketing, finance, art and humanities, hospitality management, science, and Spanish courses. France is home to some of the best universities in a range of courses in business and liberal arts. You will also find universities in France that teach a course in English and get you accustomed to the Spanish culture.

Universities in France perform reliably and consistently in worldwide college ranking for accredited courses. The reason is a vigorous investment in using world-class latest technology and continuous research and development. 41 universities in France are included in The QS World University Rankings.

Talking about the world's economy status then France holds the 5th position. With 65 million purchasers (IMF 2014, Eurostat 2014), it stands 2nd, i.e., Europe's second-largest market. France is additionally the world's fourth-largest exporter of services (OMC, 2013) and Europe's leading destination for manufacturing investments (EY, 2014), and that's not the end; it ranks 2nd in Europe if we talk about gross domestic product.

So this is an interesting one! Education costs less in France than in the US and UK. And the news doesn't end here; if you are European, your educational fees will be equal to that of French understudies. Funding is provided to many understudies by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. There are 3500 public and private organizations which offer phenomenal projects and training.

You know why France's colleges consistently perform well in worldwide college ranking? Because they invest heavily in the research and development section as they are very enthusiastic about higher education. French institutions are much respected in humanities and arts subjects. In the areas of Quality education and competitive outlook, French business schools have achieved excellence.

Many students are not comfortable appearing for IELTS. And it is very possible to apply in France in many private and public Universities without it. The only catch here is, students have to appear for video interviews, to assess the English Language Proficiency of the student. Universities prefer that the prior education of the student has been in the English language.

Most universities in France require students to take up internships. Internships in France tend to be full-time positions that last anywhere between one month to six months. The university will help students in all the required paperwork. Any internship longer than two months is legally paid.

Students who have completed a master's degree after studying in France are eligible to apply for a one-time non-renewable temporary residency authorization called APS (authorisation Provisoire de sejour) which is valid for 12 months. Under a new scheme called "second residence permit," this duration can be doubled to 24 months.

Spoken on all five continents and the official language of many states and international organizations, French is the world's fifth most widely used language, with 274 million speakers.

Higher Education in France

The French higher Education System award different titles when it comes to french taught Universities. However, they stand Equivalent to the more known international titles of the higher education degrees, such as Bachelor's, Masters and PhD.

If The higher Education in France compared to international titles, a bachelor's degree in French Education System will be called a Licence & Licence Professionnelle, then Master's degree is done, and a doctorate is equal to an international Doctorate or PhD. for Bachelor's there are usually 6 semesters, and additional 4 semesters are there for a Master's Degree.

France has popular for its high standard of education all over the world. For higher education in France, there are any universities there which not only provide quality education but also some universities are ranked in the top universities of France

Certainly, there are countless reasons for attending a university in France is attractive to people around the world. It will include the lowest tuition fee, the opportunity to explore this amazing country and the benefit of receiving some of the most prestigious education and training from the best instructors, but you can be sure that the benefits extend well beyond those they are listed above. No matter who you are or what you want to learn, attending a university in France is one of the best decisions you will make in your entire life.

France has about 3,500 institutions offering higher education, in which 77 are publicly funded universities. Each university offers several specializations. France also has a large number of students who wish to obtain specific diplomas or exchange students.

Main advantages of higher Study in France:

  • Top positioning school and colleges are accessible
  • Paid a temporary position
  • High Visa achievement proportion
  • 80% of schools and colleges don't require any English capability test (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Low maintenance work with studies
  • Different projects for Master's and MBA in various fields are accessible
  • Stay back alternative after course consummation is accessible.
  • Other benefits that make it plausible to attend college in France that include the cost of living in the country. It is much more affordable to survive in France than in a country like the United States. The costs are exponentially lower for almost everything, be it housing, food or even entertainment.