Scaling Up the Desire of Students to Build a Successful International Career

SA VISA CENTRAL is on the journey to build the future of our country’s youth. We strongly believe that students should aim and achieve what they desire. To give a head start to their international career & success, we went to one of the most prestigious institutes: Government Degree College in Vijayapur, Jammu.

We had an interactive and informative seminar with the students at GDJ college to guide them about their higher studies. Our seminar was aimed to understand what students want to pursue, and to our surprise, most of them wanted to build a career abroad. We applauded them for their wise decision and introduced them to Singapore and Australia’s wide range of courses. We also discussed their benefits, like Paid Internships after course completion. Every student dreamsto give their best at his/her first job, and yes, it is possible in Australia and Singapore through On-The-Job Training assistance. We wanted our students to analyze all the aspects of an international career, including lifestyle, environment, outdoor activities, and whatnot.

As we said, the session was not about us but our student’s careers, so we felt excited by addressing the doubts of each student. Most of the students were confused regarding which course and country they should select for their studies and career. It is a common doubt that many students face, and we gave them a quick solution to their problem by marking the pros & cons of most countries. It was a seminar not only guiding but motivating the students to achieve their goals.

We are grateful to the Principal of GDJ college Prof. Sangeeta Sudan and Assistant Prof. Sheetal, who supported us in this collaboration. We had a deep discussion with them on how students can build a secured and successful international career in the field they have hard-worked and dreamt of. SA VISA CENTRAL’s vision is to reach out to each student who carries the desire to build a successful career abroad. We will thriveto deliver our students the guidance and expertise they deserve. Who knows our next stop might be your door!

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